SONN3T is a Newcastle based experimental electronic music recording artist and producer. She has a love for synth design and primally focuses her music writing on Keyboards. Her curiosity for music begin as early as 3 years old but has only become a recognisable passion and ambition in the last 7 years.

The first instrument that SONN3T learnt to play on was the piano but the formal lessons didn’t last long as she was never comfortable being examined. 

“Sitting for piano exams through the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) was extremely nerve racking for me so I stopped having lessons”. 

A big part of SONN3T’s childhood and adolesces was taken up by classical ballet in which she trained and study for 11 years and gained qualifications with the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD). 

“Even though I have an education in classic ballet I didn’t want to peruse a career in dance however I feel that my formal training in dancing helped me connect with and understand music in a deeper way and develop a broader respect for the performing arts as a whole”. 

At the age of 14 SONN3T started playing the guitar and developing a taste for underground music.


“I was gifted a Magnum acoustic guitar from a boyfriend in year 8 and started listen to some of his favourite punk bands and taught myself how to play – with some help from him as well”.


By the time SONN3T was 18 she had bought a bass guitar and started playing that because of her deep admiration and wanting to aspire to be just like Kim Gordon from then band Sonic Youth. 

“I love everything about underground music it feeds the inner rebel that I think I am – I’ve always struggled to conform to what people expect of me”.​

In 2013 SONN3T became an undergraduate at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra, where she was enrolled in a Bachelor of Science majoring in pure based Mathematics, Statistics and Astrophysics. After leaving a science degree of 3 and a half years she decided to take up music again.

"It was a tough decision to defer from University to pursue music again but I can't imagine my life without it anymore".

SONN3T was writing and studying music in secret as an undergraduate at ANU - even close family members and friends didn't know about her music aspirations or her plans to get an education in music and be a recording artist at the time. 

“I thought if people knew that I wanted to do music again they would have tried to encourage me to stay and finish my studies but in all honesty I had enough and I was unhappy and too far away from my beloved home town of Newcastle – as I believe you can’t starve the rebel within!”.

By 2017 SONN3T started writing music again but decided to take a different approach and write music that she felt uncomfortable and unfamiliar with – a style that would put her out of her comfort zone.


“I was so used to playing the guitar I thought that I would never write anything on a keyboard again but I wanted to do something so different to me – I wanted it to sound natural and raw and and experiment with sounds and the best way I thought I could do this would be to invest in synthesizers and learn synth design”. 

SONN3T’s first album titled "VOLTA" was produced on a very tight student's budget, the album was entirely written, produce and mastered by herself - even the art work for the album was designed by SONN3T. The albums official release date will be the 28/3/2020.

"I have aspirations of writing music for film, gaming and other types of media and I'm not sure how I would even begin to break into that world - it just seems so far out of my reach". 

SONN3T does not consider herself to have an extensive knowledge about music writing and certainly does not consider herself to be a pop artist (SONN3T would consider that to be blasphemy and a complete violation on what she stands for anyway) so it has been hard for her to find her place in the music she writes but will never give up on what she believes in.